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  Going Electric? (whippet)
Posted: 10:45:59 am on 5/26/2016 Modified: Never
To date, seems the only viable options have been the gas or diesel.   Just like with auto industry, there is a new kid in town.   Electric.

I'm getting data from leading vendors - and definitely seems like a viable choice for those of us that use motor to get in and out of dock into the harbour.

Big variable is intended speed.  Burns through battery capacity quickly above 4.5 kts or so -- but can go hours at 3 kts.  Adding a small Honda generator provides extended cruising range.    

Clear advantage is nearly no maintenance every winter spring.  Say goodby to fluids, noise and smells.    Battery TLC is main concern.  

Cost no more than diesel replacement - but battery choice is wild-card.

So curious if anyone out there has taken plunge?  I'm waiting for the A4 to give its last cough - then I'm there.

1981 MkIII, Hull 886
Etobicoke YC, Toronto ON

  Re: Going Electric? (diva27)
Posted: 12:20:30 pm on 5/26/2016 Modified: Never
You should talk to designer Steve Killing. He worked at C&C in the 70s (including on the 27) and has done some cutting edge stuff with electric propulsion in boats. He and his son Jonathan, an engineer who did solar car program at Queen's, are well versed in the realities of electric propulsion and solar charging. I have visions of going the same route when the day comes that the A4 dies. So far though it's unstoppable.

Doug Hunter
C&C 27 Mk1
Midland Bay Sailing Club