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  Tuning (emondj)
Posted: 8:22:57 pm on 7/21/2016 Modified: 8:43:24 pm on 7/22/2016
I am a new ownwer of cc27 MK5 and want to know more about the boat
I do want to solve a problem
On starboard tack we experience weather helm and on port tack we get lee helm

Jean Emond
Sherbrooke, Quebec
C&C 27 MkV (Newport, Vermont, Lake Memphremagog)

[Jean knows about this page, but I'll note it here for anyone who has similar problems - our Mk V tuning page at - Admin]

  Re: Tuning (bosco)
Posted: 6:32:06 pm on 7/22/2016 Modified: Never
Hi Jean,
This could be caused by a few things ( a bent rudder for example) but the first ( and the simplest ) thing to check is the vertical-ness of your mast.

Shorten your main halyard till the fitting just reaches the toerail on the port side of the boat, at a point at 90 degrees to the mast. Now take the halyard to the stb. side and measure there. If these are not equal, your mast is leaning.. Adjust the turnbuckles till the tip of the mast is directly over the centreline of the boat.
  Hoisting a measuring tape to the masthead would give you an even more accurate result but using the halyard will give you a quick idea.

Clare Jordan.   Aragorn
  Re: Tuning (Steve Reid)
Posted: 12:29:25 pm on 7/22/2016 Modified: Never
Jean, Clair is not wrong, but he's not entirely right either. I have a mark V and originally I set my mast up as per Clair's description. There are 2 factors you need to take into account, first the main halyard on the Mark V does not exit the top of the mast on center, second the rail heights may not be exactly the same side to side due to the way the deck hull joint on the Mark V is done.
The best way of checking is to put an extra sail slide in the mast track above your top mainsail slid. Then attach a long tape measure to the slide and also attach the main halyard to the slide. Hoist the slide,tape measure up to the top of the mast and measure to the deck just inboard of the toe rail at the same point abeam of the mast on both sides of the boat.
If you are still experiencing a difference in performance from one tack to the other have a look at the alignment of the keel/rudder training edges the next time the boat is out of the water.
What is your hull number?

Steve Reid
Still Knot Working MkV #75
  Re: Tuning (emondj)
Posted: 6:05:28 pm on 7/23/2016 Modified: Never
Thank you
My hull identification number is CCY27595C585
officiel number 693964
I did some measurement with my spinnaker haylyard as it seam more in the middle of the mast and the mast look straight.
The rudder was remade so I suspect that

Jean Emond
Sherbrooke, Quebec
C&C 27 MkV (Newport, Vermont, Lake Memphremagog)