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  Handling 18-25 knots ? (bosco)
Posted: 7:42:14 pm on 9/12/2016 Modified: Never
Although Aragorn, my Mk lll , seems to excel in 10 knots of wind or less during our club races, she ( and me) have trouble sailing her to her rating when the breeze pipes up into the 20's.
It's not like we are are new couple-- she and I have been together forever 30 years now.
Has she been hiding from me, some dark quirk, some aversion to higher winds, all these years?
 Got any tips for us to help heal this rift in our relationship??  
Clare Jordan Aragorn Stormont Yacht Club
Long Sault Ont.
  Re: Handling 18-25 knots ? (davidww1)
Posted: 9:16:18 pm on 9/12/2016 Modified: Never
Get a number three, a deep or 2nd reef and some really heavy friends. Lowell North brought a new boat to SORC (which tells you how long ago this was) that quickly showed itself to be terribly tender. North found a guy who weighed over 300 lb who thought he'd like to try sailing and put him on the rail. The only remaining problem was tacking this monstrous whale.

Seriously, I don't think you're missing anything. When the wind gets up there, the one Mk I in our fleet does a serious horizon job on the rest of the fleet (III's and IV's). Even the boats with heavy-guy crews on the rail get left in the spray.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: Handling 18-25 knots ? (bosco)
Posted: 10:51:05 am on 9/12/2016 Modified: Never
Hey Dave,
I have a fairly good #3 and just tossed an old jib which I had been using for single handing and replaced it a few weeks ago,with new 105 % Genoa which we used yesterday in 18-25 knots  with a single or double reef upwind and a full main downwind. Here we are racing under SLVYRA ( Montreal) -- not a lot different than PHRF-LO . It would almost seem though , that handicap systems should have different ratings for different winds --but then again, we love it when it drops to 4-10 knots and we can take advantage of our light air pointing/speed.
Clare Jordan