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  Mark V Baby Stay thru deck plate (Hardlee)
Posted: 1:36:28 pm on 9/18/2016 Modified: 1:58:36 pm on 9/18/2016
I have noticed that the baby stay thru deck mounting plate should be tightened.  The tension over the years has caused the plate to show that it's off the deck when the back stay has tension on it.  A more detailed inspection below shows there is no access to the fastening bolts.  The headliner inside blocks access.  The location is behind the hatch and in front of the forward head partition.  

Anyne tackle this problem yet?  The deck under the deck core samdwich needs to be fixed with the bolts tightened.  How does one get at them?  

Last winter I fixed the back stay to toe rail fastening system at the stern corners to remove the backstay off the corners on to chain plates on each side of the stern at about 3" off the corners.  That solved the aft tensioning so the leach on the mainsail and jib could be tuned with the backstay sdjustment without putting too much tension at the hull to deck corner bond.  The adjustment bridle with far less tension is still on the corners.

What about the babystay?  Any ideas or advice?.  The 1986 hull and engine  are otherwise in perfect shape with a long life ahead.  



John Lawrence
Northern Dancer, Mark V, 1986
Pemaquid Harbor, Maine

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  Re: Mark V Baby Stay thru deck plate (Steve Reid)
Posted: 8:59:25 pm on 9/19/2016 Modified: Never
First of all you should never be putting much tension on the Baby Stay at all. The chain plate is only bolted thru the forward head bulkhead. We never use the baby stay at all unless we are beating into really heavy head seas in big wind and then we only tension enough to stop the mast from pumping.
The back stay legs were designed to attach to the corner castings, I would never recommend attaching them anywhere else. We've never had any problems with the back stay attached at the corners and I really load up the back stay tension from time to time.

Steve Reid
Still Knot Working Hull #75
  Re: Mark V Baby Stay thru deck plate (Hardlee)
Posted: 9:16:11 pm on 9/20/2016 Modified: Never
I agree except for the need in heavy sea going up wind.

The sail trim and rigging guide leave the babystay out of the discussion.  Having raced with full height foresail rigs, I expect to have some tension on the backstay in 15 and above conditions.  The sailmaker guides always call for backstay adjustment when rigging a babystay finger tight after setting mast rake at the dock.

When I purchased this boat the surveyor noted the separation of the plate under the babystay and it's been on my list and also signs of separation between the deck and hull at the aft corners where the toe rail casting is fastened.  

I use the backstay to control headfoil sag and mailsail leach telltails together with main traveler angle below the boom.  This is nothing special.  Just what the sailmakers and Gary Jobson trimming book says about tuning.  

So I had a guru pro do the backsty chain plates with additional layup of fiberglass inside the stern at the locations.  The corneres under the toe rail casting were resealed too.  Now with the babystay separation remaing, I  wish to keep water from seeping into the four mounting holes.  How many spongy decks are there because thru holes are not kept sealed?  

The chaftsman here will go into the under fastening point by making a thru hole in the headlinder to fit a standard size plastic inspection plate, then decide how to clean the inside deck surface under the babystay plate so it can be strengthened and seal with a stainless plate inside with sealer before covering the hole with plastic cover.  

I did many races around the San Juans in a Mk V during their prime PHRF days and sail trim was always involvong the set up of the  babystay, rake at the dock then backstay for best up wind speed.  

I was hoping to know experiences.

The other projects involve hatch window replacement or entire hatch replacement

Finding the little caps covering the screw heads on the cabin ports.  Some are missing.  The she's perfect for next season.  

Once this is completed I'll keep pictures for anyne i terested.  


John Lawrence
Northern Dancer, Mark V, 1986
Pemaquid Harbor, Maine