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  Signet gauges (Martin Jubenvile)
Posted: 10:39:22 pm on 11/27/2016 Modified: Never
Quick question. I have been looking to upgrade all my electronics and have been looking at RAYMARINE. However, I have been also looking at the latest Signet offerings and am quite impressed. They will fit in the existing openings and as a building design engineer I have utilized Signet outside the marine industry with some pretty good results. So my question is, is it worth the additional 600.00 US to go with the Signet in lieu of the RAYMARINE?

As always, any advice would be appreciated.



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  Re: Signet gauges (davidww1)
Posted: 12:38:15 pm on 11/28/2016 Modified: 2:40:45 pm on 11/28/2016
Call me an aesthetic obsessive, but it's worth $600 to avoid either rebuilding a bulkhead to accommodate a new style of instrument or having to put up with instruments mounted on a piece of plywood. Also, Signet has a reputation for longevity not matched by Raymarine. Nice instruments, but their quality seems to swing from year to year.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
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