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  shaft seal packing material (mikeware)
Posted: 1:49:00 pm on 12/13/2016 Modified: Never
I want to repack my original shaft seal on 71 mark 1. From reading it seems different cord sizes are available and required depending on shaft diameter and type of coupling. It has worked just fine all these years and just run out of tightening adjustment so no present intent on replacing with any dripless type etc. Covered for winter now but would like to dig out old stuff and redo in Spring. Any ideas on type and size of packing material for this old A4 and Toronto area sources.

Mike Ware
C&C 27 Mark 1 1971 Parsifal
Bronte Harbour Marina

  Re: shaft seal packing material (whippet)
Posted: 3:19:14 pm on 12/21/2016 Modified: 3:24:45 pm on 12/21/2016
Hi Mike

I redid mine a few years back.   Bought the materials as suggested by HMP in Mississaugua  -- black graphite infused fiber.   Was warned can not be used in salt water but fine for the great lakes.

See Black Arts.  Consensus is that correct size is 1/4".    

See this site with excellent tutorial on replacing.

  Re: shaft seal packing material (mikeware)
Posted: 6:02:37 pm on 12/21/2016 Modified: Never
Thanks for the response. I did find that excellent article you referred to and that is why I was questioning the correct sized fibre. Having referring me to Black Arts I had forgotten about, I now have other concerns on rubber hose, scoring, warping, cutless bearing, replacing my 2 blade fixed prop and many other topics referenced. Lots of time to plan my attack in the Spring.
Thanks to all those who have contributed to the site.

Mike Ware
C&C 27 Mark 1 1971 Parsifal
Bronte Harbour Marina