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  Looking for advise on free to me CC27 (carlnpa)
Posted: 3:10:56 pm on 1/29/2017 Modified: Never
I have the opportunity to take on a "free" CC27.
It's a Mark I made in 1972.
The boat has been sitting in a repair yard for years, the yard wants to get rid of it. Clear title.
I have gone over the boat for hours, many concerns, but the gelcoat actually looks good and all the components are there.
The joint between the deck and the hull appears to be attached with bolts and a sealant.  At the stern the joint is wavy and separated, maybe 1/4" - 3/8" gap.
The chainplates are leaking into the cabin.
The deck itself around the plates seems solid.
The deck/hull seam appears to be leaking in general.
The handrail is leaking and need replaced inside and out.
The rudder bushings seem to be fine, the rudder seems usable.
I assume the Atomic 4 is toast, would likely just use a kicker outboard.
It has had standing water in the bilge, the mast step is likely rotted?
I am very handy with repairs, but, is this too much to take on?
Carl in PA
  Re: Looking for advise on free to me CC27 (Tonyj)
Posted: 10:29:58 am on 1/31/2017 Modified: Never
Hi Carl:
I say run, don't walk away from this one. The separation of the deck and hull at the stern is really scary. This project could be a heartbreaker; instead of sailing, you'll be spending weeks and months of your time and gobs of your cash trying to resurrect this vessel.
Check out the prices of C&C 27's currently for sale.  I'm sure you'll find one nearby, at a decent price and in way better shape!
Good Luck,
Tony Jeske
C&C MkV #581
Silver Gate YC
San Diego
  Re: Looking for advise on free to me CC27 (Katara)
Posted: 8:02:00 pm on 2/1/2017 Modified: Never
Free Take it , The lead alone is worth $2500.00 the the mast and rig and all the other parts
Free Money say thank you kind sir . If you can make it a boat again make it a boat , but if you can't Part It out!

Gerard Warner
Katara, '79 Mk III
D.Y.C.  Ontario

  Re: Looking for advise on free to me CC27 (carlnpa)
Posted: 11:26:01 am on 2/2/2017 Modified: Never
Thank you for the replies.
Anybody know of any reasonable boat haulers on the Chesapeake?
Or if someone has a trailer that would fit the CC27 for sale?