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question Is this Forum still active? (pferland)
Posted: 4:52:41 pm on 3/7/2017 Modified: Never
Wondering if this forum is still active?
  Re: Is this Forum still active? (carriden)
Posted: 12:36:47 pm on 3/8/2017 Modified: Never
I sure hope so.  Or else I keep checking it for no good reason at all.

Marcus from Carriden

Mk III, Hull #847
Oakville, Ontario

  Re: Is this Forum still active? (KenPole)
Posted: 1:16:35 pm on 3/8/2017 Modified: Never
Still works for me

Ken Pole, Ottawa
1975 Mark III Santiva

  Re: Is this Forum still active? (admin)
Posted: 10:52:37 am on 3/10/2017 Modified: Never
Note that each thread bears a date for the last entry. By applying one's analytical powers, one can discern that, indeed, people are using this Forum. Not as much as in the past, but they are using it.

The diminution in use is fairly easy to understand. First, this Forum is searched a fair bit (there's 17 years of experience stored here) and I think people often find what they're looking for without posting a question.

Moreover, if someone doesn't find an answer but isn't registered on the Forum, there's a reluctance to make the effort to register and thus be allowed to post. Many of the requests received are incomplete; if the person is asked to complete the required info, in half the instances, they never respond. Is that bad for the Forum? Bad for the numbers, yes, but I do notice that since I started making people apply for registration, the number of blowhards and idiots has dropped effectively to zero. That's a huge net positive in my opinion.

Whether it is good or bad is in any case irrelevant; curated registration is imperative. If you were using the Forum some years back, you'll remember the tidal wave of spam that all but overwhelmed us. So, we will chunter along as we have - not a busy board, but one that seems to provide a service to those who use it.

- Admin

  Re: Is this Forum still active? (pferland)
Posted: 3:57:53 pm on 3/25/2017 Modified: Never
Thanks everyone for your responses. Thinking of selling "CaVaBien" this season and wondering if anyone is interested or has ideas on best way to Post. Boat is in Rhode Island presently waiting for the 2017 season to begin

Thanks, Paul
  Re: Is this Forum still active? (capricous)
Posted: 11:30:05 am on 3/26/2017 Modified: Never
I'd be devastated if it wasn't

Capricious Mark 3 Hull #599

  Re: Is this Forum still active? (admin)
Posted: 12:21:13 pm on 3/26/2017 Modified: Never
The best way to post is to write a description of your boat's salient features then simply post it here with a simple descriptive title like "For Sale: 19xx C&C 27 Mk X". Proof-read your submission carefully. Include, if you like, links to photos of your boat that you have previously posted on a photo-sharing site. Don't forget to say where the boat is. That's pretty much it.

- Admin