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  Atomic 4 fuel manual primer (PLogan)
Posted: 8:22:31 pm on 4/28/2017 Modified: Never
My first spring on my C&C 27 coming up - Do I need to prime the fuel flow into the carb for the first start - there seems to be a Hand primer on the engine for the fuel so just wondering how to use this for the first start of the season.  I know the manual suggests to "Fill fuel pump bowl using the hand primer on the fuel pump" but when do I know its primed, how many pumps, etc...

ThanksPeter Logan
C&C 27 MK III 1975 Tomorrow
LaSalle Park Marina Association
Hamilton ON
  Re: Atomic 4 fuel manual primer (syllap)
Posted: 10:08:24 am on 4/30/2017 Modified: Never
   You will feel it easily ( after maybe 4-5 strokes , it kinds of stop moving. I do it only when I empty the bowl to remove sediments and look for water ( no more water after I've installed a Racor as the first inline filter.
If you remove the bowl make sure the cork/rubber bowl gasket is tight otherwise an air leak can prevent it from starting..

Sylvain Laplante
La Belle Poule C&C27 MkIII