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Posted: 5:44:23 pm on 5/4/2017 Modified: Never
Years ago, a defence contractor employee told me about being summoned to a frigate in the Rio de Janeiro naval dockyard because an anti-aircraft missile launcher on the vessel was failing its test routines. He found the captain on his knees in front of the open fire-control panel, poking at connections to see if he could tell if there was power as sparks would come off them. He very diplomatically told the captain that this might launch a couple of missiles into the city and was therefore not an ideal troubleshooting method.

This story notwithstanding, I have been trying to repair the damage done during the long Xmas outage by doing something akin to what the captain was attempting. I don't know what the guys at the web host did to the site during the outage, and I'm not sure they know either. I've scanned and patched up a lot of the site, but as you'll understand, time is short at this time of the year. So, help please. If you find anything that doesn't work, please let me know.

Thank you.

- Admin