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  Exhaust Manifold (bedlaminthewater)
Posted: 8:18:39 pm on 5/31/2017 Modified: Never
I'm looking for a exhaust manifold for a late model A4. If anyone has a source for parts please let me know.  

Marc Purcell
C&C 27 MKI
Port Whitby Marina
Whitby, Ontario

  Re: Exhaust Manifold (syllap)
Posted: 2:40:48 pm on 6/4/2017 Modified: Never
You can always get a new aftermaket from moyermarine ( 412.00 ).. Often it can be fixed by a good welder ( mine had teh drain plus threads stripped, they simply weld/close it. That was 6-7 years ago and still ok.

Sylvain Laplante
La Belle Poule C&C27 MkIII

  Re: Exhaust Manifold (dmartis)
Posted: 11:31:56 pm on 6/16/2017 Modified: Never
I rebuilt my exhaust manifold using 1.25" schedule 40 steel pipe that you can get at the plumbing store.  The injection elbow is special order, but everything else was easy to assemble, once I got the old one apart, which was the tough part!Dan Martis
Dream Catcher
Oakville, Ontario
Mark 3, Hull #636
  Re: Exhaust Manifold (Katara)
Posted: 7:28:04 pm on 6/18/2017 Modified: Never
I have one

Gerard Warner
Katara, '79 Mk III
D.Y.C.  Ontario