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  Ventilation - Cabin and in General (Van_Isle)
Posted: 8:06:14 pm on 7/26/2017 Modified: Never
For anyone out there who has attempted to improve ventilation in the cabin (and otherwise) of their 27 ... what have you done and how successful do you feel your efforts were?

I'm speaking in terms of a Mark III here ... I'm not sure if the factory setup for prior versions differed at all. Also I'm interested in solutions that improve airflow while the boat is alongside, unattended, as well as when it's in use.

Have you:

1. Replaced the stock Vetus ventilator forward of the mast with a powered ventilator? (like a Nicro Day & Night solar)

2. Left the Vetus in place and added a powered ventilator elsewhere? ... and if so where?

3. Added dorade vents?

4. Replaced the fixed ports with opening ports?

5. Added ventilation grills to the various storage compartments under the settees and V-berth? (to help ventilate the bilge to reduce potential for blister formation)

6. Other ideas?

My initial thought was to replace the Vetus with a solar vent. I was thinking however that another potential location would be just forward of the companionway sprayhood. That would be close to the highest point of the cabin and, if set to exhaust, would exhaust hot air and promote drawing outside air in from the existing vent forward.  I don't see any benefit to adding a vent in the forward hatch ... besides being, IMHO, but-ugly, I think it would just short-circuit air movement from the existing vent. The only thing with the location forward of the sprayhood is I'm pretty sure the camber of the cabin top would require that I make up a trim ring.

I'm also probably going to add a couple cabin fans. Not sure where the best locations would be though.  I do have a framed screen that fits into the companionway and one that velcros to the inside of the forward hatch and these really help with keeping things well ventilated when alongside or at anchor overnight.

1979 C&C 27 MkIII, Hull No. 780
North Saanich, BC
  Re: Ventilation - Cabin and in General (davidww1)
Posted: 2:34:14 pm on 7/27/2017 Modified: 3:09:37 pm on 7/27/2017
I have a Caframo Ultimate 2-speed fan on the port side of the bow bulkhead and another high up on the port side of the main bulkhead. They do an excellent job of clearing hot air when we first come aboard and, at low speed, keeping the air fresh while we're sleeping (complemented by a framed screen and Velcro'd forward screen like yours). There are stainless steel louvres on the faces of the berths; I'm not sure how much good they actually contribute, but there's no smell or mildew in the under-seat compartments or the bilge.

Quite a few people here have the Nicro solar-powered vents mounted on the companion slide. I've never questioned anyone about the pros and cons, but it's a popular idea.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: Ventilation - Cabin and in General (KenPole)
Posted: 4:32:27 pm on 7/31/2017 Modified: Never
NicroFico solar-powered vent between mast step and forehatch; replaceed portside fixed port above head with Beckson opening port and exterior rain hood; installed another Beckson opening port in bulkhead above galley. I have the solar vent in extraction mode, so it draws air from both Beckson ports which I leave open. The port on the bulkhead is under the dodger so rain isn't an issue.

Ken Pole, Ottawa
1975 Mark III Santiva