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  Spinnaker Crane MkV (Tonyj)
Posted: 11:27:26 am on 8/26/2017 Modified: Never

I'd like to add a spinnaker crane to my MkV. Does anyone have photos or sketches that would help with this project?

Tony Jeske
C&C27 MkV #581
Silver Gate YC
San Diego
  Re: Spinnaker Crane MkV (JWente)
Posted: 2:41:00 pm on 9/18/2017 Modified: Never
I have done that, but it's at the top of the mast right now so hard to photograph
essentially a U-shape SS bracket about 6" long, bolted to the mast head.
we hang a swivel block from the crane, and run the spinnaker halyard through the block, then through the mast sheaves
it keeps the halyard from binding on the plastic sheaves and wearing flat spots in them