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  leaking (capricous)
Posted: 3:40:55 pm on 12/13/2017 Modified: Never
As I do every year,I vac out the bilge to rid the water before freezing. before I got to shrink it,we had some rain and I noticed a lot of water in the bilge again. Could not see any leaking down the bulkheads or the hull. Puzzled  Ideas would be great. Thanks in advance

Capricious Mark 3 Hull #599

  Re: leaking (davidww1)
Posted: 2:29:09 pm on 12/14/2017 Modified: Never
If the water is clean, it won't necessarily streak. Nor will it if, as on my boat, it comes in around one of the plastic access covers -- for instance at the mast -- and drips directly down into the bilge. The best idea I've ever heard for finding non-streaking inflows is to mark the suspect area with chalk. A line below a toerail, or around a fitting's bolts will be washed away and provide ample proof that the leak is there. White chalk is best; coloured chalk will show more clearly but you never know how persistent the dyes could be. Some people suggest whiteboard marker, but again, the persistence of the dye is unknown until you find you've got a purple line that won't come out of your bulkhead.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: leaking (capricous)
Posted: 7:04:31 pm on 12/15/2017 Modified: Never
Thanks David
Is the toe rail suspect,that would be a tough fix

Capricious Mark 3 Hull #599

  Re: leaking (carriden)
Posted: 11:11:55 pm on 12/15/2017 Modified: Never
In the past, I have found the cockpit locker lids to be a source of rainwater leakage.  The water travels around the back edge of the lid and across the underside of the lid, bypassing the teak coaming around the opening of the locker.  Somewhere around the middle of the lid, it comes to a stop and drips down into the lockers, eventually ending up in the bilge.  I greatly reduced this problem by using caulking to create a small ridge along the back edge of the locker lid.  Once the water flows over the back edge of the lid, it flows down this ridge and then would need to flow uphill to make it back onto the underside of the lid.  This works well for rainwater, but not when we ship it green over the cockpit coaming.

If the toerail is leaking, this need not be a major issue.  At one point Carriden developed a toerail leak after being bumped on the racecourse.  Tightening up the toerail bolts slightly recompressed the butyl caulking and eliminated the leak.  That is the joy of butyl caulking, which remains pliable forever, and why I continue to swear by it.  Nothing that I have bedded in butyl has ever leaked.  Every other space-age caulking that I have tried has failed me.  I am also progressively replacing all of my toerail bolts with nylock nuts, which do not work loose.

Another potential source of leaks is the chainplates for the shrouds.  Have you checked them?  Look for streaking on the bulkheads below the plates.  A dozen years ago, I pulled my chainplates, removed the balsa core around the openings and replaced it with epoxy.  I then replaced the chainplates, adding some stainless steel backing plates, and spent 20 minutes per chainplate packing the opening with butyl caulking.  They have been bone dry ever since and there has been no water penetration into the deck either.

You can use baby powder or talcum to reveal the path of leaks.  Just put a light, even dusting of powder onto the suspect area.  If any water travels across the area, its path will be revealed.  Never use flour or cornstarch, or other food-type material, as the leftover powder may drift into hidden areas, feeding mould and even bugs.

Hope that this helps.

Marcus from Carriden

Mk III, Hull #847
Oakville, Ontario

  Re: leaking (capricous)
Posted: 1:03:23 pm on 12/16/2017 Modified: Never
Thanks for the great responses and recommendations
Happy holidays everyone

Capricious Mark 3 Hull #599

  Re: leaking (Katara)
Posted: 10:15:14 am on 12/23/2017 Modified: Never
Katara turns 39 this year , 2018 to do list is short  "REBED EVERYTHING"

Gerard Warner
Katara, '79 Mk III
D.Y.C.  Ontario

  Re: leaking (capricous)
Posted: 4:52:58 pm on 4/27/2018 Modified: Never
I found the leak (or one of them) The po added genoa tracks but didn't drill oversized holes and add epoxy,so when the sealant went,you know what happened. Replaced the rotted core with airex, mat and fairing epoxy. Reinstalled the tracks.  

Capricious Mark 3 Hull #599