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question MK 3 vs. MK 4 Genoa (cphippen)
Posted: 11:22:04 am on 4/24/2018 Modified: Never
I purchased a used MK IV 150% genoa for use on my MK III.  It is a lovely looking sail and when I add about a 4" tether to the clew (to make up for the fact that it's luff is a bit short, this gets it up off the deck a bit) I can get the fairleads in a good position to produce what looks like a terrific shape.  The downside is, even though it looks great, I can't point better than about 60-70 degrees to the apparent wind.  I have a great looking sail that gets me killed in every race!  Any suggestions?
  Re: MK 3 vs. MK 4 Genoa (davidww1)
Posted: 11:25:03 am on 4/26/2018 Modified: Never
Without seeing your entire setup, I can only hit a few high spots. I'd be inclined to secure the tack right at the stemhead and put the pennant/tether at the head to improve the end plate effect.

Everyone at my club sets their main shrouds very tight ("If you can open your cupboard doors easily, tighten the shrouds some more.") and set the forward lowers just tight enough to prevent inverted bend in a blow, no more; the aft lowers should be snug enough not to wave in the breeze and little more.

Finally, have a look at your spreader inboard ends. Do they hold the spreaders firmly fore-and-aft or can you wiggle the spreaders back and forth? If they wiggle easily, they will move fore or aft under load, which loosens the weather shroud, thereby negating all your work in tightening. This will contribute to a failure to point and probably, to different tacking angles on the wind.

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV

  Re: MK 3 vs. MK 4 Genoa (cphippen)
Posted: 12:10:50 pm on 4/27/2018 Modified: Never
Thanks David,
Because my boat is a MK III and the sail was cut for a MK IV when I fly it on the deck, I'd need to move my fairleads  about 14-16" forward of the front of my track to get any kind of decent sail shape.  I assume this is because the MK IV has a 7" shorter J than the MK III, owing to the move of the headstay back on the foredeck.  In order to avoid drilling more holes, and mounting more track, I opted to add the pendant to the bottom, getting the sail up off the deck and pushing the optimum sheeting angle back into the range of track I already had.  Although this resulted in a great "looking" shape, my pointing sucks.  The boat as rigged and tensioned points beautifully with my old tired Hood laminate No.1 - but it is about to explode.