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  Stove for C&C 27 (admin)
Posted: 9:53:18 pm on 5/22/2018 Modified: Never
I would like to replace my stove.  The previous owner converted it to kerosene and it worked for me for a while but now the burners have stopped functioning. I don't have much patience for kerosene. I wonder if anyone can tell me where I can get an alcohol stove that fits and works, whether it be  pressure or gravity-fed.

Any assistance here would be much appreciated.  I'm on my second season with Aragorn, and I'm looking forward a thirty-day cruise later this summer with my wife who is a keen cook, but a novice sailor.

Thank you,

  Re: Stove for C&C 27 (wrapper)
Posted: 6:42:33 pm on 6/11/2018 Modified: Never
Non-pressurized alcohol stoves were great for us.  

The modern ones are a kind of wick made from mineral wool.  

Typically Origo Stove or Chinese copies  

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