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  For Sale: All-purpose #1 155% genoa (davidww1)
Posted: 11:57:51 am on 1/18/2019 Modified: Never
All-purpose #1 155% genoa from Bay Sails Haarstick, Hamilton. This is a full hoist racing #1 from a Mk IV (deck casting to masthead). It is dark grey Technora laminate with a tape luff. Probably could have the luff shortened for a furler but that's up to you. There is some roughness in the fabric near the foot from hitting the shrouds, but according to the sailmaker who inspected it, the sail is structurally sound. Original cost $2300 plus tax. $600 firm. Please use the email address at

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV