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  keel leaks (mikeware)
Posted: 12:50:28 pm on 6/9/2019 Modified: Never
My 71 mark1 has a very slow leak at the middle keel bolt. Am awaiting an Amazon delivery of a 1-1/2" deep socket to try some tightening. Contrary to manual I have, I have only 3 bolts. Two 1-1/2" nuts forward and one 1-1/8" nut to stern. The stern I did have a tool for but could not get any movement on it while in the water. Thought I had seen some discussion on which should be tightened in water and which while in the cradle? Is removing the nut and washer and putting any bedding compound there and reinstalling a folly or possible help? I confess I somewhat ignored the smile this spring but only slight crack in spots while boat weight on keel. Any guidance and advise appreciated.

Mike Ware
C&C 27 Mark 1 1971 Parsifal
Bronte Harbour Marina

  Re: keel leaks (rmccall)
Posted: 9:09:02 pm on 6/14/2019 Modified: Never
Mike.  According to C&C plans and Rob Mazza you should have four keel bolts.  The most forward one is approximately one foot aft the mast compression post.  On my MK 2 I had to cut a hole in the cabin sole to access it.  Try running your hand forward from what you are assuming is the most forward bolt. As far as torquing, the values are in Black Arts.  Be careful not to over torque because because of possible keel bolt failure. As far as pulling the nut and caulking underneath, intuitively this should not work because the leaks is outside and you are caulking inside.  I have no experience with torquing the bolts, but when the card checked mine it was with the boat out of water resting on the keel ard jack stands.  Maybe fill the smile as David Weatherston did.  Hope this helps.
R McCall
Water Rat Mark 2.

J Netherland
1974 Mk II, Water Rat
Fairhope Yacht Club
Fairhope, Alabama

  Re: keel leaks (mikeware)
Posted: 12:04:05 pm on 6/15/2019 Modified: Never
Thanks. Nothing moves with boat in the water so I will wait until Fall and try then resting on the cradle and do some smile work. There was just 3 holes in the sole and mid way I had enlarged to more easily handle the electric bilge pump. But I will try reaching forward and see if there is another 1 1/8" up there.

Mike Ware
C&C 27 Mark 1 1971 Parsifal
Bronte Harbour Marina