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  Atomic 4 transmission (bjarki)
Posted: 12:52:11 pm on 6/22/2019 Modified: Never
My transmission does not engage in forward or rear. The transmission shifter works and moves clearly forward and aft. I heard a noise and it sounded like a massive slip or breakage. I need to access the transmission box, but does anyone have tips or suggestions? Does anyone have experience replacing the transmission without hauling out the engine (as I am able to pick up a cheap replacement in our club)? I know what the transmission access plate looks like and I understand the operation of the forward 3 finger teeth versus the reverse drum actuation. The fact that it works in neither direction does not bode well?
  Re: Atomic 4 transmission (doogymon)
Posted: 8:43:14 pm on 6/25/2019 Modified: Never
Several A4's I witnessed never really clicked into reverse and the skipper held the shifter back with his foot or hand and a whirl noise was heard.
Also, one time a skipper had the same phenomenon going forward and a sharp eye discovered that the raw water intake hose was interfering with the big shifter lever down in the engine compartment.

Good Luck

  Re: Atomic 4 transmission (bjarki)
Posted: 10:19:23 am on 6/26/2019 Modified: Never
Thanks that gives me something to troubleshoot.
  Re: Atomic 4 transmission (Van_Isle)
Posted: 2:10:35 pm on 7/4/2019 Modified: Never
I suggest you search and post over on There is a sub-forum dedicated to the reversing gear ... Also grab a copy of their Atomic 4 manual and there is a reversing gear video that you can purchase.

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