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  Rot under mast support? (TomGr)
Posted: 5:33:18 pm on 4/19/2020 Modified: Never
Doing balsa core repair in vicinity of mast. Rotted core found very close to mast support. Am concerned about the condition of the structure directly under the support. Presuming the balsa core does not go under the mast support, what is there?
No signs of weakness or flexing of mast support. What is chance there are hidden rot issues?
Unfortunately boat is on the hard with mast in place so difficult to investigate this situation.
Tom G.Tom Graham, Shelburne VT
"Monk" 27 Mk III
  Re: Rot under mast support? (ibanezplayer)
Posted: 9:39:38 pm on 4/20/2020 Modified: Never
Hi Tom,

It's got a section of plywood laminated in there, but suspect if the balsa is rotten right up to it the plywood is likely shot too. The aluminum base (mast shoe) is just screwed right through the plywood into the teak beam in the cabin on the aft section and the front section uses self-taping screws into the plywood.

It's not exactly sealed up tight.

I've done a bunch of core but this area all seemed well sound. Do you have fittings located on deck near the mast base? How come this core is damaged?
  Re: Rot under mast support? (TomGr)
Posted: 7:59:42 pm on 4/20/2020 Modified: Never
Thanks for the info, I did a bit more excavation in that area today and what I am seeing pretty well matches what you have described.
Yes, the plywood has some issues but mostly OK, I am thinking that I can make it good for another season and next winter have the mast removed at haul-out time in the fall and next spring do a complete repair.
Think that water may have entered where the wiring goes through the deck. No deck fittings in that location.

Tom G.Tom Graham, Shelburne VT
"Monk" 27 Mk III