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  Gori Prop opens too far (JWente)
Posted: 8:59:40 pm on 5/27/2020 Modified: Never
on behalf of Broken Arrow
I am actually also looking for help and suggestions for my gori  proP.   When it is in reverse it opens up past 180 degrees (more like 250-270 degrees).  As a result it is very difficult to Manöver the boat in reverse.  

I was wondering if there was help to fix this ?
  Re: Gori Prop opens too far (davidww1)
Posted: 4:31:18 pm on 6/3/2020 Modified: Never
You might have a machine shop do something to limit the degree to which the prop can open, but my recollection of the comments from Gori owners is that while these props are marginally better at reverse thrust than Michigans and Martecs, they are very poor in reverse in comparison to the newer makes of geared props. There's probably not much you can do about it. See comments from Kats Paw in

David Weatherston
Towser, Toronto
C&C 27 Mk IV