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  new 150 for a MK V (RichardSchillay)
Posted: 8:15:17 pm on 12/31/2020 Modified: Never
Hi Guys and Gals,
Need a little advice. I have a C&C 27 MK V and need to replace the furling 150/155 will be doing a little bit of Club racing. Im thinking of a Tri-radial dacron from Precision using Challenger Warp drive. Also, I see Precision has a laminate, made from Contender Black Polyester Racing ZZP09. Love the look and that you can see through it. Big question how long will the laminate last especially with it often hitting the baby stay. I guess I can eliminate the baby stay?  Your experience and advice, please. Anybody use Precision? Not locked into using that sailmaker, though they are much less money.

Richard Schillay
Great American Nude
# 529
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Richard Schillay,
AHYC, Atlantic Highlands Municipal Marina (New Jersey),
1984 Mark V (#529)