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  Site to shut down very soon (admin)
Posted: 5:08:40 pm on 1/22/2021 Modified: Never
This site will disappear in two or three weeks thanks to the expiry of its name registration. If you are interested in any part of the contents of the site, you should copy it asap. You can copy individual pages or you can search for an application that will copy a whole site in a couple of clicks. If you need help, ask a friend (or a friend's kid -- he or she will know what to do. Don't ask me -- I long ago forgot how to do this.

Good-bye and thanks for all the fish.


- Admin

  Re: Site to shut down very soon (TalW)
Posted: 1:00:02 pm on 1/24/2021 Modified: Never

Thanks so much for the years of service you've given C&C 27 owners (and the Class Association when it was active) everywhere by mastering this website.  Even though I sold Critical Path six years ago I still drop by to check in occasionally.

All good things must come to an end but the information gathered in this website is irreplaceable, too bad it'll disappear.

All the best!

Tal Wolf

Shark 24 "kraSh" Bay of Quinte Yacht Club
Aloha 30 "Knot Faster" Trident Yacht Club
  Re: Site to shut down very soon (ibanezplayer)
Posted: 2:39:02 pm on 1/25/2021 Modified: Never
Has the domain been purchased by someone else or just not renewed by the current admin?

I might have some capacity to keep this rolling if there is any interest.

If not - Thanks for everything that you've done. This has been a tremendous resource and I have certainly found huge value from this community.

  Re: Site to shut down very soon (admin)
Posted: 3:45:09 pm on 1/26/2021 Modified: Never
I posted an announcement that this site would probably disappear soon in May 2017. This post also asked for suggestions if anyone cared to maintain it. One taker, who was initially enthusiastic, but who then disappeared. Fast forward to this Christmas and we found that the site was getting about a dozen clicks (not visitors, clicks) a month -- in other words, nothing.

The thing that scares everyone off is the Forum -- that's the real value of the site, as it not only provides a rapid response to pressing questions but a steady supply of ideas for Black Arts (think I think up all that stuff by myself? unh, unh).

There's also the issue of the name registration, which is too Byzantine to explain here. But when it expires, the site will disappear.


- Admin

  Re: Site to shut down very soon (carriden)
Posted: 2:10:44 pm on 1/31/2021 Modified: Never
Hey David,

Thanks for all of the support and good ideas over the years.  It was a real pleasure to meet both you and Towser in the flesh, so to speak, a couple of years ago.

I wouldn't want to suggest that losing the site is driving me right out of C&C 27's, but I have just posted a For Sale notice on Carriden in the forum.  Just saying . . .

Many thanks, may you always find fair winds and calm seas!

Marcus from Carriden

Mk III, Hull #847
Oakville, Ontario

  Re: Site to shut down very soon (capricous)
Posted: 12:33:39 pm on 1/31/2021 Modified: Never
I will miss this site and the forum responses.
Thanks you everyone for being such a great bunch of people
It's been invaluable in my quest to restore my mark 3

Capricious Mark 3 Hull #599

  :( (capricous)
Posted: 12:33:39 pm on 1/31/2021 Modified: 1:36:06 pm on 2/7/2021
  Re: Site to shut down very soon (JWente)
Posted: 10:19:55 am on 2/1/2021 Modified: Never
The domain name registration is paid up to October 2021.
The site hosting will expire February 2021 and site will go dark sometime in February.
  Re: Site to shut down very soon (Van_Isle)
Posted: 3:54:59 pm on 2/13/2021 Modified: Never
Thank you so much David for all you have done over the years. Inspired me to buy my 27 and has proved a valuable resource! May you always have a 'red sky at night'!

1979 C&C 27 MkIII, Hull No. 780
North Saanich, BC