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#1 Re: General discussion » Aluminum window frame question » 2022-06-15 12:52:05

I did review the black arts post, but what I understood from it is that the plexiglass is removed from the exterior while the aluminum frame stays in place. Is that right?

#2 General discussion » Aluminum window frame question » 2022-05-18 00:02:36

Replies: 3

Hi again. I have mildew stains on the caulk on all four ports/windows. No luck with cleaners, bleach, etc. So today I removed the interior aluminum frame from one cabin window. This was surprisingly difficult: I warped the aluminum shape considerably, and had to drill out a couple of pop rivets. All I want to do is remove the old caulk, so this seems pretty extreme. Anyone have insight as to how I could solve this problem in a less destructive way? Would I be better off detaching the frame from the exterior? Thanks.

#3 Re: General discussion » Bulkhead Separation » 2022-05-11 13:39:43

Both. It's on the hard now, but I noticed it prior to hauling out.

#4 General discussion » Bulkhead Separation » 2022-05-07 23:34:37

Replies: 4

Looking for insight from you all: on my boat the wooden bulkhead has separated from the deck, primarily on the starboard side. I'm talking like almost two inches. Anyone else experienced this?

#5 Re: General discussion » Mark III Resurrection Underway » 2022-03-26 16:15:15

Well, I got the motor running yesterday. The next thing I'll tackle is a leaking forward hatch. Could anyone give me information on what hatch would be fitted to a Mark III? Just want to find the appropriate gasket. Thanks.

#6 Re: General discussion » Mark III Resurrection Underway » 2022-03-17 13:42:35

Another thought that just occurred to me: perhaps I could disconnect the fuel line at the filter and run a line from there to an auxiliary fuel tank, like for an outboard. The purpose would be to test out running the engine with new, clean gas before I start getting into all that business with the inboard fuel tank and lines. Thoughts on this?

#7 General discussion » Mark III Resurrection Underway » 2022-03-17 02:04:03

Replies: 4

Hello all,

I just purchased a 1976 C&C 27 that has been sitting unused for two years. Of course, I will have many questions. In spite of its neglect, the boat has a few things going for it. Canvas is good, including dodger and pedestal cover. Roller furling. Decent Sails (Quantum). Seems like before it started being neglected it was well cared for, things like the wiring and standing rigging having been redone around 2016.

This is not my first sailboat, but it is my first with an inboard (A4). My first task is the motor. The PO pulled the carburetor off for maintenance and managed to break the copper fuel line from the electric fuel pump to the carb. Then, well I guess life happened, because he never put it back together. The motor turns over by hand. Compression is perhaps a bit low but even across all cylinders, which tells me the valves aren't stuck. Before I reassemble the fuel line and carb I want to eliminate all of the 2-year-old gasoline so I'm not introducing it to the engine. The plumbing on top of the gas tank looks somewhat barbaric, and the shut-off valve is rusted open. IF I can get this Atomic 4 running, and think I can trust it for several hours, I can avoid having the boat towed. I need to move it out of the PO's slip by the end of the month. So, I'm looking for guidance on evacuating the tank, perhaps updating the fixtures exiting the tank, reinstalling the carb, and not getting blown up.



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