C&C 27 Association – Membership

Get the everything you wanted from your C&C 27 – join the Association.

Support the Class Association that supports your boat (and its value). The Association works to maximize your enjoyment of the C&C 27 through:

  • class events;
  • lobbying of sailing and racing governing bodies;
  • maintenance of class standards;
  • promotion of communication, including one of the most informative owner-driven sailing resources on the Web.

On joining the association, you'll receive the download address for the Association's Acrobat .pdf of the C&C 27 manual.

Annual dues are $25.00 Cdn. or $25.00 US. We accept cheques drawn on Canadian or US banks, or postal money orders (payable to membership secretary Jim Wente – money-laundering and governance rules for account-holders at Canadian banks now make it expensive and difficult to maintain an account in the Association's name, so we fly under the radar this way. Send your application and payment to:

Jim Wente,
4 Storey Cr.,
Toronto, ON
M9B 3C8

Questions about membership? Check the information in Info & Events – if you can't find an answer, e-mail. Address questions about your boat to the Forum or see Links.

An application in .pdf format is available here. If you have trouble retrieving it, this Web page is formatted to allow you to print the form on one sheet of paper (though for reasons beyond comprehension, many printers will print a second blank page after this unless you set them to print only the one).

Privacy: The Association will not lend, trade or sell any information provided by members or by users of its Forum. Period. Unless you choose in your Forum Profile to disclose your e-mail address to other Forum users, it is kept hidden. E-mail addresses provided for The Fleet are encoded in a method that reliably disguises them from spammers.

On-line sign-up: We have been asked why we do not have on-line signup and payment. Bank and card-issuer policies to combat credit card fraud have made it prohibitively expensive for a small group to do this. Sorry.

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