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#1 2021-11-21 17:49:40


head floor not solid

just wanted to see if it’s normal for the glass skin floor of the head to move a bit when you walk on it.
feels like it isn’t attatched to anything underneath for support.
or should it have a piece of wood sole over the liner like the rest of the cabin?
thanks for any help never had a liner in my previous boats.

1978 c&c 27 mkiii h#726
port stanley Ontario


#2 2021-11-24 00:23:00


Re: head floor not solid

I have never felt it moves in my MkV. However, I guess that the water under it should be able to drain into the bilge, so I would expect an empty space below it.

S/V Mystic
MkV #138


#3 2022-01-13 15:10:16


Re: head floor not solid

Sorry to say BrianB but this issue is likely also linked to your deck soft spot at the mast step.

The liner of the hull has a balsa core in it where the floor sections are. I think it is a 3/8" balsa in this area. It's a common area for rot and working in the C&C 27. By itself not an issue, just a bit springy, but it's likely combined with some leaky chainplates, mast step, or bulkhead/compression post issues.

I'd take a close look around the compression post & base of the bulkhead for other issues.

There are some plywood sections laminated to the hull in the setee which give some structure to the floor as well and they are exposed to bilge water if it has been at capacity.


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