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#1 2022-02-11 12:46:27

John Becker

Bow Anchor Roller

Has anyone installed an anchor roller?  I have a Mark 3 (Aragorn).  I want to buy a 15kg Rocna anchor and would like to put a hawse pipe through the foredeck to a bucket in the forepeak, and on cruises keep the anchor attached to a good roller and the chain/rope rode that will live in the bucket.  Would appreciate shared experience.


#2 2022-02-13 09:05:57


Re: Bow Anchor Roller

Hi John, I am planning this project for my boat this summer. I intend to fabricate a new delta plate for the bow, and have the existing chain plate lopped off and welded to the new delta plate. Freeing up lots of real estate at the pointy  end for a roller, maybe a spritt In  the future. I decided this route because the cast aluminum plate originally fitted was damaged riding out a winter on an exposed mooring. So far I have replaced the bow chocks and moved them a foot aft along the toe rail. For this I cut the vertical section off and ground it flat as well as the cast ss chocks. Note castings usually do not come dead flat from the manufacturer. I sealed the aluminum with Owatrol oil then primed and painted with interlux bright side black, using the brushing solvent to flatten the lustre to match.  On the under side this is all backed with 1/8 ss.




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