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#1 2022-04-19 20:02:05

looking for the C&C 27 manual?

Hello there,  I've just bought a Mark II at the Nepean Sailing Club (the Barely A Wake) and have lots of questions.  I was wondering how a member of the C&C 27 Association might get his hands on the manual?


#2 2022-04-26 08:01:40


Re: looking for the C&C 27 manual?


Congratulation about your new C&C 27!

I was looking into that. I saw in an old post that in the past, they provided you with a CD with the manuals when you became a member of the association. Currently there is no such thing as an association membership (http://www.cc27association.com/about.html). I do not have such CD, if I could get access to it, I would be happy to make it public.

Just by chance, today, the manual of the MkV was uploaded to the Facebook group of MkV owners:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/MKVowne … 730188634/

It looks like in the past some manuals of instruction were available on http://www.cncphotoalbum.com/, but now the link ( http://snghost.com/cncstore/chandlery/c … p?cPath=25 ) is not working. You can ask about that in the cnc-lists https://cnc-list.com/empathy/list/cnc-list.cnc-list.com

I will try to look for it too. However, in this forum, you will find most of the questions that you would like to check in the manual. I have had my MkV for 13 years and until today, I did not know that an owner's manual existed.

Kind regards,



#3 2022-04-28 14:59:05


Re: looking for the C&C 27 manual?

I am a recent new member (Oct 2021) and upon signing up, received an Owners Manual for a 1982 Mk IV.  I recall being enticed to join the Association with the promise of getting my hands on this.  The cover page of the manual reads: "This manual was created with the permission of C&C Yachts successor company and is provided as a membership benefit for members of the C&C 27 Association." 

I understand that Pablo has stepped in to rescue the Association from an early demise (and my belated thanks for that!)  Perhaps the copy was misplaced or forgotten during the period of uncertainty.  In any case, I have a copy if it is needed.

Anthony Millevolte
"Passages"  1982 Mk IV
Bayfield, WI


#4 2022-04-29 07:06:49

Re: looking for the C&C 27 manual?

Thank you Pablo and Anthony, Hugh was just in touch and forwarded me the manual!  It is much appreciated and I am thrilled that the website and forum are continuing to be active!

Looking forward to browsing the forum pages.




#5 2022-04-29 09:13:18


Re: looking for the C&C 27 manual?


I have now a copy of the manual for the Mark I to IV. If someone else would like an electronic copy, please send me an email to webmaster@cc27association.com
Enjoy the sailing season,


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