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#1 2023-09-04 17:20:20


Will a dodger for a Mk iii, fit a Mk ii

Hi everyone.  New here, and I’m glad I’ve found a forum.  I just cannot get to grips with Facebook groups.  Anyway, my first question is will a dodger off a mk iii ( 700 number hull) fit a Mk ii?   And what about a mast up winter cover and frame?  I might have a lead on these.  It’s a good deal if they fit!



#2 2023-10-29 19:58:43


Re: Will a dodger for a Mk iii, fit a Mk ii

Hi, I believe the cabins are the same size and shape so high chance of success for the dodger.  The Mk 3 is about 8 inches longer than the Mk 2, but that's not much for a cover.  It may be a touch long, but that's all.  Plus maybe it's shrunk a bit since new.


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