C&C 27 Association – Working Sketches

This page links a package of sketches made by Association member Jim Thompson as an aid to various projects linked to the rejuvenation of his 27 Mk II, including the making of a crew shirt. Accordingly, they show a Mark II, but can be easily adapted for other marks. The package available on this page includes all files in Acrobat pdf format. This is widely readable and scalable to most purposes. A second package, available to Association members, includes the same files in Corel Draw (.cdr, in which they originated), Adobe Illustrator (.ai), EPS and JPEG. Use to request the complete package. The images shown on this page are reduced to fit the format.

Please note that these are not precise renditions, but close approximations that are intended to help you in your own projects as they did in Jim Thompson's. The package contains a brief disclaimer from him.

PDF Working Sketches (75 kb)

crew shirt image

Shirt embroidered from the sketch below.

side view-mkI
27 sketch


Mk I