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The Secrets of Successful Boatkeepers

Want to upgrade or repair your C&C 27? Black Arts is a repository for ideas, techniques and technical information. Most Black Arts pages began life as topics that attracted more than the usual level of interest in the Forum.

The suppliers who may be suggested in these pages are more often small businesses than global e-commerce operators. If you don't get a response to an e-mail in a few days, play it their way and phone – this will probably give you the type of response you want.

If the material is listed as being a .pdf, the latest Acrobat Reader is available here.

  • Additional stowageAragorn's hidden space becomes a convenient bar (.pdf).
  • Bargain gear – The hidden price of uncertain parentage.
  • Buying a C&C 27 – A few ideas from past Forum posts on what to look for when buying a C&C 27.
  • C&C 'Smile' – Fixing the C&C 'Smile'.
  • Cabin-top travellerPlay Hookey's owner wanted to get the traveller out of the cockpit.
  • Cockpit sole – Repairing the rotted core of Passtime's cockpit sole.
  • Cockpit table – A plan for a secure cockpit table on a tiller-steered boat, as implemented on Aragorn (.pdf).
  • Cradles, trailers & jackstands – Boat support requirements, working tips for cradles and jackstands plus dimensions of a standard steel C&C 27 (I to IV) storage cradle.
  • Deck layouts – How you lay out sail controls on your deck depends on your boat's use.
  • Deck rejuvenationAragorn's deck was tired and worn but specialized paints smartened her up.
  • Deck repairs – Water entry had rotted Critical Path's deck core; an extended repair process made the deck sound again.
  • Deck repairs IIBudge had a little bit of delamination, but a whole lot of unattractive and slippery non-skid that her owner cured with a modest amount of money and a lot of elbow grease.
  • Diagrams & drawings – Information on small parts of the C&C 27..
  • Gas tank warning – Steel tanks and fuel senders rust; all are long past their replace-by date.
  • Genoa tracks – Photos of installations aboard three boats and a description of the "drill, fill & drill" process that prevents water from entering the laminate.
  • Haulout without slings – An imaginative way to haul out.
  • Heads, holding tanks and other nasties – A few ideas for tackling bad smells.
  • Hose clamps – There's a right way and a wrong way to install them.
  • Hull Identification Numbers – How to locate and read your 27's serial number and build date.
  • Hyperion's new rudder – Recovering from Hurricane Juan.
  • Hyperion's new engine – ... And a new Yanmar for good measure.
  • Internal outhaul – Options for an easily adjustable internal outhaul on elliptical and rectangular booms.
  • Keelbolt torque values – Probably not as tight as you thought.
  • Mark III rudder – A resource for those who need to repair or replace a rudder.
  • Moisture meter – Investigating the relationship between meter readings and dampness in the core.
  • New rudder – a replacement for a condemned rudder and a proposed alternative.
  • Parts – Names and sources for odd ones – Mk V tanks, masthead sheaves, O-rings, PSS shaft seal maintenance kit, etc.
  • Prop shaft, stuffing box & cutless bearing – a little maintenance can save a $500 shaft.
  • Propellers – Boat/engine/prop combinations as reported in the Forum with owner comments.
  • Renewed saloon – A new saloon configuration offers more space and sleeping comfort.
  • Stanchion bases – Wondering what you have and how to replace a bad one? Plus a pointer to a fix for a common problem with crushed gelcoat.
  • Steering enhancements – A laminated tiller provides elegance and improved function on a Mk V.
  • Transducer mounting – If you're wondering where and how...
  • Traveller replacement – Relocating to the bridgedeck or simply replacing.
  • Traveller on the coachroof – Moving the mainsheet out of the cockpit.
  • Tools & spare parts – Don't leave the club without them.
  • Tuning the rig, Mks I to IV – Setting up for good performance when racing or cruising.
  • Tuning the rig, Mk V – Setting up for good performance when racing or cruising.
  • Various projects – below – Miscellaneous ideas, including various forms of stowage, roll-your-own LED lights and additional galley space.
  • Various projects – on deck – Miscellaneous ideas, including spreader repairs, ladders and protection against wandering pump vanes.
  • Working sketches – Views of the 27 for use in planning various projects.
  • Windows – Crazed, leaking windows – you've got 'em, now replace 'em. Includes brief notes on materials and Mk III/Mk IV alloy forward hatches.