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Various Projects is a catch-all for ideas and isolated bits of creativity that can be explained in a picture or two and a few words. Originally one section, it's become popular enough that it has had to be split in two – On Deck and Below. The split is imprecise. The engine, for instance, is accessed from down below, but because it's controlled from above, it has been arbitrarily plumped in with deck improvements. Similarly a shelf over the fuel tank might seem properly to belong with other stowage ideas, but this shelf is for deck gear, so it's lumped with deck improvements. Far be it from this site to suggest that sailing – which we all know to be a mirror of all human existence – is less untidy or more consistent than it is.

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LED galley lights
Galley light
LED panel 1
LED panel 2
Saloon light 1
Saloon light 3
Saloon light 5
Galley improvements I
Galley improvements II
Concealed stowage I
Concealed stowage II
Roll-away locker door
New head, new base

Additional information

LED's – "I ordered the LEDS from Ledtronics. They have a massive selection which can make things confusing. My diodes, part Number LF200-OCN-22, are new in the industry and try to emulate an incandescent bulb. They are also the most expensive, but do put out nice cool white light. I run the power through a 1000 ohm switch/pot that is supposed to be linear, but isn't really. It still allows me to dim the light.
"The resistors were about 3 bucks for two hundred, the circuit board about 60, the switches about 6. The diodes are 90 cents apiece but there is a duty on electronics. My guess is that each array cost me about C$120. Sounds like a lot, but I could not find anything that came close to putting out the same amount of light, fit where I wanted it, and costs less than twice what I paid. It was also a personal challenge, and of course there is the cool factor." – Michael Suitor