Cabin-top Traveller

cabintop traveller from aft
Cockpit view
cabintop traveller from side
Side view
cabintop traveller bracket
cabintop traveller bracket diagram
Bracket diagram

Ed Blackshear moved the traveller on his Mk III, Play Hookey, to a position on the coachroof. The principal components, the car, track and track ends, are standard Garhauer. He fabricated the mounting brackets from 1/8" stainless steel sheet. These are through-bolted to the sides of the companion where, because the roof at this point is solid glass, it is strong enough to cope with the load.

One of the design goals was to make the track as low as possible, so it crosses just aft of the spray hood. This reduces the opening of the companion slide by about 1½", but this is not an issue on Play Hookey, and after three seasons, the performance of the new traveller is considered entirely satisfactory. Note though, that if you want to move the traveller in order to fit a dodger more easily, a position farther forward might be preferable.