Traveller Replacement

Aragorn's Traveller
"Poor Man's Windward-sheeting Traveller"
Budge's Traveller
Scalliwag's Traveller
Towser's Traveller
Scalliwag's Backing Plate
Underside of the Bridgedeck
Underside of the Bridgedeck 2
Pyrite's Traveller I
Pyrite's Traveller II

The Forum includes two threads on traveller replacement: 'Traveler to bridge deck' and 'Removal of the Main Sheet Traveller track'. Read both for a variety of ideas and opinions.

The executive summary is that bolt spacing is standardized, so no new holes are needed unless you are moving the traveler (addendum: at least one owner has found that his spacing is different – it may be worth checking the spacing of your current holes with standard track, and ordering undrilled track if they differ). Mk I and II owners found the job of moving the traveller quite straightforward and have been very pleased with the convenience of a traveller on the bridgedeck.

On Mk III's and IV's, the job is not as simple because the presence of a bulkhead restricts access to the existing traveller retaining nuts. Accordingly, Aragorn's owner drilled and tapped the existing track to mount the new track on top of the old. The extra height has not proved a problem. Despite severe corrosion of the original track, Towser's owner had no trouble removing and replacing the retaining nuts with a socket wrench. Replacing the nuts is fiddly; an appropriate-sized socket on an extension is imperative.

People love Harken windward sheeting cars and Harken gear generally, but Harken is more expensive. The Lewmar and Garhauer gear is about half the price; owners are very happy with the performance.

On a somewhat different tack, the owner of Serendipity (not shown) is replacing the traveller with twin tackles on either side of the companion spray hood (an arrangement used on C&C's early-70's Frigate/Invader 36's and on the Niagara 35. This eliminates the traveller altogether and eases fitting of a full bimini.