27 Tales –
To The GLCC Rendezvous

This 14-minute digital memoire covers a single-handed 1200 km cruise during the first fortnight of July 2013, in a 1976 C&C27M3 sailboat Sesiya from Parry Sound, Ontario on Georgian Bay, to Charlevoix, Michigan on Lake Michigan in the USA, the purpose of which was to spend a brief 3 days at the Great Lakes Cruising Club annual rendezvous.

On Wikipedia you will find the Great Loop; this cruise lies at the northern keystone of that loop. In the video, we first have still images with narration, and then second, video clips stitched together with audio background, ending with the landfall at Alexander Inlet (part of the Bayfield Inlet area), where Lyn and I keep a summer place.

- William James,
Sesiya #643

Notes on the video can be downloaded here. Option-click or alt-click to save the file.