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#1 General discussion » Rhapsody - C&C 27 Mk 3 for sale » 2011-07-11 03:54:08

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I am planning on listing Rhapsody for sale in the next few weeks...  This is due to changes in the rest of my life that keep me from sailing often enough to make owning the boat worthwhile.
I have not yet done any cleanup, but thought that I’d advise this list in case anyone is really interested.  Rhapsody is a very solid boat that has been extensively sailed on Lake Michigan; mostly single handed.  I just returned from participation in the Solo Chicago-Mackinac race (did not finish this year, but that was the fault of the captain/weather, not the boat); this is the fourth start with 2 finishes in this race.  Several other distance races have completed such as the LMSS qualifier and the GLSS Scramble with decent results.
Some details:
•    1975 model boat, built in 1974.  Hull #CCY274660974
•    Pretty good sail inventory (new Dacron #1, very good pentax laminate #1 and #3, 2 Dacron mains, brand new symmetrical spinnaker flown 20 minutes)
•    Factory wheel steering with older (works very well) autopilot
•    Storm anchor and storm Jib
•    Full set of gear available for offshore/distance racing (life raft, Solas rockets and flares, other safety gear, backup VHF antenna, backup navigation lights, etc)
•    Good bottom, barrier coated (Interprotect 2000), with VC17m
•    Added self tailing winches by helm for jib/spin sheets
•    Painted topsides, needs repaint/touchup (will do this as part of cleanup)
•    Good solid later version Atomic 4; Model 5101 Serial 192884.  No overheating or issues known.  I just motored for 24 hours straight
•    New prop shaft, strut, cutlass bearing 3 years ago, rebuilt Martec folding prop
•    Icom VHF with remote helm microphone
•     Raymarine ST40 depth and speed
•    Garmin handheld chart plotter (with boat power and mount) with Lake Michigan charts loaded.
•    Some softness near starboard chainplates
•    Interior is very original and dated (especially the upholstery)
•    Multiple electrical bilge pumps and hand pump
•    Lots of other gear

Comes with an older trailer that was designed for highway use, maintenance is probably required before taking on any long trips.  Trailer has rig for lifting mast as well as extension for ramp launch (I have stepped the mast and ramp launched with these items; although this is typically done with the travel lift for storage).  Also included are bent conduits to go in the stanchion bases that (with the mast on the provided braces) make a frame for the tarp (provided) for winter storage.

Boat is at Racine Reefpoint marina in the water; available for sailing.  I am thinking about asking $12,000 for everything (input on pricing invited).  If I list this boat on EBay (next step after cleanup and “polish”) I am thinking about separating some of the expensive items (such as the liferaft and the brand new light air spinnaker) and getting the asking price below $10,000.

Contact rwooden@savvyconsultants.com

Bob Wooden
Rhapsody – C&C 27 Mk 3 

If anyone is interested advise.  If I were to sell the boat less some of the gear or sails I would offer those to this group before listing on EBay or whatever…

#2 Re: General discussion » cutless bearing » 2010-11-21 03:23:12

Hi Graham,

I worked with Jerry Gravesen at Airmarine Inc./Propulsion Engineering in Chicago - http://www.therightprop.com/.  I took him the strut, the shaft, the coupling, and the prop.  He researched it all and could not matchup the stut.  I found a casting shop (below) that could cast a new strut from the old one.  Jerry had the strut cast and then machined it to match the original and fitted the cutless bearing.  He made a new shaft (the old one was bent and scored) and sold me a used Martec folder really cheap which I had Martec rebuild.  Martec did a great job, it is like new when they get done and that is a great way to get into a "new" prop cheap.  As I recall the whole adventure was about $1,000 but when I was done everything was new from the back of the engine (coupling, shaft, strut, cutless, prop) and I have not had any issues since; smooth as can be.  I installed everything and aligned as best I could with feeler gauges and very limited access.

The casting was great, the quality of the work Jerry and his crew did was also great.

Hope that helps, good luck!

Bob Wooden
Rhapsody, C&C 27 Mk 3
Waiting for spring in Racine Wisconsin

Mystic River Foundery - http://www.mysticriverfoundry.com/marine2-05.html

#3 Re: General discussion » Jack Lines » 2010-03-01 07:26:32

I run mine along the coach roof from the toerail as close to the centerline forrward as I can get.  They run along each side of the forward hatch and back to the cleats at the back of the cabin on either side of the main hatch.  Used with a 1 meter tether it woudl be hard to fall over the rail.  I have the double tether (1 meter and 2 meter) but mostly use the shorter one when going forward.

I do several solo distance races and have not had any problems with this setup.

Bob Wooden
Rhapsody C&C 27 Mk 3

#4 Re: General discussion » Ballpark cost of sidestay? » 2009-05-25 00:38:49

I had riggin only (<a href="http://www.riggingonly.com">www.riggingonly.com</a>) build a new backstay and forestay this winter.  These were swage fittings and new turnbuckles; I think ths cost was about $225.  They worked from my measurements and were very helpful.  I also had them do a set of shrouds for a boat a few years ago.

#5 Re: General discussion » Folding Prop » 2009-03-09 03:57:34

I had a Michigan "Blue Dot" 12X5 folder that I think was original to the boat (based on the builders file).  I had a failed strut and some other issues, so I wanted a properly balanced prop to go with the new shaft, coupling, strut...  I was not unhappy with this prop as far as performance, only vibration.  I tried to find someone to balance the old folding prop without success.  I finally bought a used (and not very pretty) Martec 11X5 folder and then had Martec rebuild it.  They will rebuild a prop to &ldquo;like new&rdquo; for a reasonable price, I think it was $175 all told to have them rebuild it.

I really like the 11X5 and get about 1800 RPM from the direct drive atomic 4.  I can run at 7+ knots flat out and throttle back a bit for gas savings and run 6 knots all day.  I should maybe note that this is the older style Martec with the more flat ends on the blades, the out end of the blade is the part of that matters, so a new &ldquo;elliptical&rdquo; blade at 11X6 may not be that different as there is less blade out at the end with the tapered end elliptical.  Reverse is less than great, but acceptable...

Bob Wooden - Rhapsody C&C 27 Mk 3

#6 Re: General discussion » cutless bearing » 2009-01-29 13:18:16

Look to make sure that the support strut casting and the bolts that hold it (4 - 1/4 bolts with the nuts accessible from the port locker) are all solid with no movement between the strut and the hull.  The flange on my strut was broken and I had to weld the strut...  First warning was the cracked faring compound around the strut&hellip; 
If it is solid, then I think you might have a balance problem or a bent shaft.  There should not be much 9if any) movement between the strut and the hull.  After I welded the cracked strut it broke next season in the body of the strut, probably due to vibration.  I now have a new shaft, coupling, strut, cutlass bearing, and a factory rebuilt Martec prop...  Smooth as silk now and no more cracking.  I used standard fairing compound and then VC17 with the rest of the hull&hellip;

Bob Wooden - Rhapsody Mk 3 #466

#7 Re: General discussion » Spinnaker measurements » 2009-01-27 09:25:39

The old North spinnaker that came with my Mk 3 measures SMW 21.00; SL 35.5.  Lake Michigan shows the allowable as SMW 21.15 and SL at 36.88.  I'm not sure why this is a bit short of the I of 37.00...

I've flown the spinnaker a good bit for distance races and a foot longer or so would be fine.  If I have a new one made I'd make it close to 37.00 and lower the pole a bit.

Bob Wooden - Rhapsody waiting for spring in Wisconsin...

#8 Re: General discussion » 150 jib dimensions » 2008-02-02 11:51:06

My older North 150 measures as follows:
luff - 34.5, leach - 33, foot - 19
I bought a sail for a Catalina 27 tall rig that measures: luff - 35.2, leach - 34.4, foot - 19.1 it just barely measures as a 155%.  I have been happy with the fit of the sail.
Hope that helps,
Bob Wooden
Rhapsody C&C 27 Mk 3

#9 Re: General discussion » 1976 mark 3 parts » 2008-01-14 13:04:20

I am traveling so I don't have ability to get a picture... 
The one I have (which I am pretty sure is original) has four wheels and a pivoting part in the middle that has the clevis for the sheet.  It is made by Nicro-Fico and runs on a track that is wider at the top and bottom and thinner in the middle.  I am going to stay with the original traveler for a while at least as it is OK and I have some decent controls on it that were added later.  My car has badly worn wheels, it I had a spare (even if it was also in worn condition) I'd try to replace the wheels with some new bearings...
Let me know if you have anything like that.  You can also reach me at rwooden at savvyconsultants dot com (adjsut as needed to standard format).
Bob Wooden

#10 Re: General discussion » 1976 mark 3 parts » 2008-01-14 06:59:57

do you have the original traveller car by any chance?

#11 General discussion » Input - New Self Tailing Sheet Winches » 2007-12-14 05:52:23

Replies: 2

">I sail Rhapsody my C&C 27 Mk 3 in all weather on Lake Michigan; mostly singlehanded.  I have done the Chicago - Mackinac Solo race and do several distance races a year.  I am looking at self tailing sheet winches but I am not sure which ones to consider.  I find the original winches (Barient 16s I think) reasonable under most circumstances, but a bit short on power with the #3 in heavy weather.  I like a 3/8" or so sheet, but would also like to be able to use these with smaller 1/4" or 5/15" spinnaker sheets as well.</SPAN>
">I am also frugal (or cheap if you prefer) so price is a significant consideration.">  </SPAN>I am looking at the Lewmar 14-ST ($346 w/aluminum drum and $371 w/chrome drum at Defender)…<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p></SPAN>
">Input please.">  </SPAN>Good Choice?">  </SPAN>Bad Choice? "> </SPAN>Large enough? Alternatives?<o:p></o:p></SPAN>
">Bob Wooden">  </SPAN>-">  </SPAN>Rhapsody, currently on the hard in Racine WI<o:p></o:p></SPAN>

#12 Re: General discussion » Propeller Mk.II 2 blade Atomic 4 » 2007-07-19 05:58:26

On my Mark 3 with the direct drive atomic 4, I went from an 12 dia 5 pitch folding Michigan "blue dot" to an 11 dia 5 pitch Martec folding.  This is the older style Martec with "blunt ends"; the newer eleptic does not have the same area near the outer ends so a direct comparison is hard.  I am very happy with the smaller prop, the engine does not lug and I get 5.5+ Kt cruising with 7 kt possible if pushed.
See the "black arts" section for some more info on props as this is a common question.
Bob Wooden

#13 Re: General discussion » line sizes? » 2007-07-19 02:42:19

This link to the C&C PhotoAlbum has the sizes from the manuals:::

#14 Re: General discussion » Prop Strut - MK III » 2007-04-29 00:15:50

erdana">Time for an update...</SPAN>
erdana"></SPAN>erdana">I started this thread, looking for a prop strut to replace the broken one.  Here is the run-down on what all has been done (I am ready to launch next week).</SPAN>
erdana"></SPAN>erdana">- New Prop strut was cast by Mystic River Foundry in CT, using the old one as a pattern.  Seems like a quality casting, but I should have done my own pattern work.</SPAN>
erdana"></SPAN>erdana">- Machining of strut and new shaft (old one was bent when checked) by Air Marine in Chicago.  Also fitted new coupling to shaft.n: yes">  </SPAN>Great work.</SPAN>
erdana"></SPAN>erdana">- 11X5 Martec prop fitted.  This was a used prop that I had rebuilt by Martec; it looks like new at 1/4 the cost of new.n: yes">  </SPAN>This is the older “flat tipped” Martec with more blade area near the tip than the newer elliptic.</SPAN>
erdana"></SPAN>erdana">- New shaft log hose, packing etc.</SPAN>
erdana"></SPAN>erdana">Basically everything is new from the back of the old A4.n: yes">  </SPAN>I’ll close this thread (since I started it) and report on how this prop works compared to the previous 12X5 Michigan "blue dot" folder".</SPAN>
erdana"></SPAN>erdana">Bob Wooden | </SPAN>erdana">Rhapsody – C&C 27 Mk 3</SPAN>

#15 Re: General discussion » shaft packing size? » 2007-04-29 00:02:30

I just repacked my shaft while doing some major work.  I also used 5/16 teflon packing and was also unable to get three rings into the stuffing box (two barely fit).  I have not yet launched, but can confirm the 5/16 size.
Bob Wooden - Rhapsody C&C 27 Mk 3

#16 Re: General discussion » shaft diameter , mkll » 2007-03-20 13:42:11

I have a Mk III with the direct drive Atomic 4.  I had the original (as best I can tell) prop, a folding michigan blue dot 12X5.  The builders file shows that there was a 12X5 folding prop instead of the standard when built.  I always thought that this prop was a bit large, as the A4 seemed to "lug", unable to come up to decent RPMs (no tachometer, but I've spent a lot of time around old gas engines).  I have a factory rebuilt Martec 11X5 ready to go on, we'll see how it goes.
Just one opinion.
Bob Wooden - Rhapsody in Wisconsin

[As I noted in "List of Props", I've added a table of boats, engines and props to Black Arts. I'd appreciate it if all of you could follow up after you've got a bit of running time in and let us all know how the new props work out. - Admin]

#17 Re: General discussion » Are C&C decks more prone to delamination? » 2007-01-24 00:55:42

I have some delamination around the chainplates.  Nothing serious, and no real plans to do anything for the delamination.  I did re-seal the chainplates with butyl as well as sealing all the other deck hardware to stop the water entry.
Bob Wooden  Rhapsody 1975 C&C 27 Mk III

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