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#1 2022-10-13 09:12:26


Looking for MK3 boom and mast

I'm considering buying a MK3 boat that needs some work to get it back in the water.  It has been sitting in a field for 9 years.  I'm trying to figure out whether it is a deal or dud.

One of the issues is that the boom is bent and the mast is cracked so would would like to replace the extrusions with something new and swap the fittings.  Are identical extrusions available that would take the fittings?  Where?

An alternative would be to find an old mast and boom.  Anyone know of sources?

I'm in the Ottawa area.  Lastly, even if I find a mast, what would be the best and cheapest way getting it here?


#2 2023-03-20 21:37:20


Re: Looking for MK3 boom and mast

if your still looking there is a mkiii mast and boom in sw ontario you could probably get for about 1500 not sure about shipping I can put you in touch if yoa are interested

1978 c&c 27 mkiii h#726
port stanley Ontario


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