Blue Zulu's tracks

"When we were setting up Blue Zulu, we put a lot of thought into this before we started drilling holes. We surveyed a lot of boats and took a lot of photos, and decided on a single 10' track, roughly mid-way between where Yogi Bear's and Towser's tracks are.

"If I were to do it again, I wouldn't do anything differently. We sheet our #3 inside the aft lower; #1 and #2 are sheeted outside all shrouds. Our #3 is a 105% and sheets about a foot back from the front end of our track, but if we ever wanted to get an 85% or 90% #3, I expect we'd be able to move the cars far enough forward. Our racing #1 sheets about a foot forward of the aft end of the track, but when we go cruising and put the old #1 on the furler, we slide the car to the aft-most stop, which is just about right.

"To install such tracks properly is a big job. Two of us spent two 10-hour days doing our tracks, and a few other small jobs." – Hugh Morrin

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