Concealed stowage I

"The open bins on the 27 were always a source of irritation to me because no matter how neatly one organized them, they always looked cluttered/messy. "Out of sight, out of mind" became my motto when I decided to enclose all the open storage areas.

"Surrounding all of these open spaces, there are bulkheads, shelves and partitions to which 'cleats' can be screwed thus providing support for the framing which holds the sliding Lucite panels. The doors you see in the photos were bought "pre-hung" from a marine supply company and fit into holes that I left in the framing for them – but the framing above the openings, made from 5/8" teak plywood, is a little tricky to cut – almost nothing is square, straight or level in a boat.

"The first step was to cut away the facers in the front of the bins down to 1/2" above the level of the shelves. This straight cut becomes the 'base-line' you'll use to measure from later. To measure, improvise a pair of dividers (a super-scale version of your chart dividers). With these, make some careful, exactly vertical measurements at evenly spaced intervals along the length of the shelves between the top of the cut-away facers and the liner of the hull directly above." – Clare Jordan, Aragorn

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