V-berth Locker

"The two aft corners of the 27's V-berth aren't really taken up by the sleeping occupants, so stealing a bit of width from the V-berth here to provide port and starboard (his and hers) 'dressers' for clothing make sense given the lack of storage on a 27' boat.

"The two cupboards are made of 3/8" teak plywood cut out in the same manner as
I described in the 'Concealed Storage' article. First, scribe a cardboard pattern
that fits well, then cut the wooden parts. Attach them together then fasten them
with cleats to the shelf and bulkhead. The interior shelving in the cupboards is
1/2" plywood, painted. A simple wooden toggle secures the doors which are carefully
cut from the front panel of the dresser. A trick here is the secure the hinges
to the door and its frame before the final saw cut is made – that ensures that
the door is centred and aligned.

"The wooden bracket with the metal pin you see on the forward end of the cupboard
is used to store our whisker pole out of the way. The other end of the pole slips
into a loop of rope forward." – Clare Jordan, Aragorn

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