Mk. V, ccy27594c585
Old Greenwich Yacht Club, [Map]

Acquired in 2007
Richard Franck, owner/driver

Race around the buoys on Wednesday nights with 2 crew and a 135 genoa/phrf 186. Two clubs combine for the races providing 3 divisions. We are in div. 3 / phrf 166 and up. Four friday races per summer with all 4 local clubs participating. Then div. 3 phrf drops to 133.

Late afternoon daysails with wife/friends as the midday sun and heat are too much for us old-timers. Have yet to do a mini-cruise. The two lengthy sails have been:
1. Pickup of Magique on the south shore of Long Island and taking her through New York harbor, up the East River, through Hellgate and then up LI Sound to Old Greenwich.
2. Old Greenwich to Manhasset YC and back the next day.

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