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#1 Re: General discussion » Replacing in-boom mainsheet plate » 2008-11-09 10:15:22


David, Sorry for the delayed response. I have been travelling in Southern Ontario looking for a pre-owned steel cradle for the boat. Thanks for the excellent idea. I am having a local machine shop do as you suggested. A very reasonally priced retrofit.

Mk3 HIN 456

#2 General discussion » Replacing in-boom mainsheet plate » 2008-10-23 10:23:24

Replies: 2

My Mk 111 boom has a rivited through-boom cast aluminum plate approx 18" from the aft end of the boom to which the upper mainsheet block is attached. Years of wear (SS on alunimum) has severely weakened both fore and aft holes. Has anyone located and replaced this original equipment recently? Any other metal options that will not result in galvanic reaction and weakening of the boom?

Mk3 HIN 456

#3 General discussion » Replacement fuel sender » 2007-12-17 11:25:40

Replies: 4

Just purchased a 1975 Mk3 and found the rusted remains of a Teleflex fuel sender in the tank including remains of the float on the bottom. I was able to carefully remove it and the sender without dropping any more rust into the tank. I reviewed the Association's earlier conversation string about replacing old steel senders but would like some replacement advice. So far I have researched 5 models; Faria, Centroid, Moeller, WEMA, Cruzpro and the standard Teleflex. I am first inclined not to choose Teleflex again but am unsure whether any of these other styles (resistive, probe type or float arm) will work properly with my current Teleflex fuel gauge (its a question of ohms). Any experience or advice appreciated.Thanks.Mk3 HIN 456

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