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#1 Re: General discussion » Atomic4 Reverse Noise. » 2008-05-19 03:49:23

Thans for the advice. I contacted Don at Moyer Marine who responded as follows.

It's very normal for reverse mode to produce a very pronounced "gear whine"kind of noise.  Universal apparently never expected us to operate in reversefor very long periods of time so they settled for rather crude pinion gearsturning on crude brass bushings to provide reverse.  As long as the transmission runs quietly in forward you should be perfectly OK.  We've never seen these gears to actually fail even in very high time engines.  In any case, we've never heard of this noise being made worse by a worn rear thrust bearing.  The thrust bearings in direct drive engines (and even more so in the case of 2 to 1 reduction models) are grossly over-designed for their workload and are as strong in reveres as they are in forward.  They seldom fail even in forward where they spend most of their time in service.

#2 General discussion » Atomic4 Reverse Noise. » 2008-05-16 01:57:10

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My Atomic4 makes a noise in reverse, probably a bad thrust bearing.  Instead of removing the engine to replace the bearing I am considering placing a reverse thrust bearing externally on the cutlass bearing hanger,  I use revers only occasionally so a simple Delron bearing should last OK.  Has anyone tried this?  Or any other suggestions?

Al Mac.

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