Towser's Traveller

Towser's Harken track is a simple A/B replacement for the original, with identical screw-hole spacing to ease the work (this was luck – some boats have different hole spacing). The noteworthy feature is the use of Ratchamatic blocks on the coaming. If the weather cleat is accidentally released, the block below it locks and the car rolls gently to leeward.

The one deficiency compared with other solutions on this page is that the leeward side must be cleated before a tack or the car will run down to the new leeward side. The cross-haul, however, is continuous, so if the new leeward side has been left cleated, a tug on the line frees it.

Note the space between the track's end and the coaming, necessary should you ever want to remove the car (for very occasional cleaning and eventually, ball-bearing replacement) without having to take up the track.

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