Diva shelf

Galley workspace

"I thought there was opportunity to expand working space with a removable shelf. Instead of having something that hinged into position, I opted for a shelf that could be lifted completely out of the way. It rests on some oak trim I had lying around, one of them being L-shaped to prevent it from sliding out of position.

"I wanted it removeable because you need access to the engine and batteries, of course. That said, while it only takes a second to remove, I was able to do my winter oil change without removing it, as well as check battery charge levels (the engine compartment access removes fine with the shelf in place), and it has proved to be so unobtrusive that I'm tempted to hang a wastebin off the bottom, as I would only need to remove the whole thing when doing serious maintenance, much as we do with the stairs. Cash outlay has been so minimal that I don't mind mucking around with the system and trying different approaches. If something doesn't work it's not the end of the fiscal world if I replace it." – Doug Hunter, Diva


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