Diva shelf

Galley workspace 2

"When first measuring up the space, I thought I could get away with a shelf about 14 inches wide without intruding too much on floor space or making access to the deeper regions of the icebox a stretch. (The exact tolerable measurement would depend on one's personal circumference and height.) When I saw a slab of shelf at the hardware store that was 12x24 for $10, I thought I'd just try that. I cut it down to about 22.5 inches long. This was a late-season project but I will add a fiddle to the shelf edge later.

"The result was a remarkably cheap and remarkably useful expansion of counter space. About 2 square feet accomplishes a lot in a 27's galley. It's big enough to hold two dinner plates. It's also handy to the cockpit. You can reach in and deposit and retrieve things. It also helps in getting things in and out of the icebox, and is right at hand when cooking." – Doug Hunter, Diva


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