LED galley lights

"From the moment I first stepped on board (first time on a C&C) I just figured there had to be a light there. After looking at every LED product I could find I finally came to the conclusion that I would have to come up with something on my own. They are both on dimmers, turned up they draw about the same as one small halogen reading light yet they light up the whole galley. I'm happy.

"The picture shows the light panel. I made an acrylic box that it sits in for protection and then the lens holds the whole thing in place, quite simple really. I am not an electronics guy at all so they're not as efficient as they could be, LED drivers and the like put the math way over my head. The first one was a lot of work, the solder side being a bit of a mess due to a few mistakes, but I banged off the second in an evening." – Michael Suitor, Pyrite

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