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#1 2023-03-22 19:38:31

Transducer Placement

Hello all, New to the forum, my wife and I came back from the dark side and bought a lovely C&C 27 circa 1973....It is a fabulous Wheel boat that needs to be brought into the 21st century....many upgrades coming but primarily Nav system. We purchased a Raytheon Element stand alone but as the boat never had an installed transducer we have no idea what syle to purchase or mount location...Installation is not an issue but as this our first larger sail boat we have little experience, Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sig & Michelle


#2 2023-03-23 16:46:14


Re: Transducer Placement


Welcome to the C&C 27 world!

In my MkV, I still have the probably original Standard Horizon Deep Sounder. Regarding the speed meter, before changing it, I made sure that the new Thru-Hull Transducer was going to fit exactly in the same hole as the old one, to avoid dealing with your problem. Both thru-hulls are near the engine and the sink compartments. The location is not optimal. The speed paddle can be affected potentially by turbulence from the keel and when I am heeling on port side, the speed meter barely measures something. I believe that the manual of the ST40 suggests installing it in from of the keel. The deep sounder location shows me that it is too shallow when it is too late. Another sailor, that has the deep sounder in front of the keel, told me that it does not make any difference to know it is too shallow, a fraction of second before it is too late.

You can find some other responses to your question in the “black arts” section  http://www.cc27association.com/fixes/fixes.html or searching in the forum for the keyword “transducer” clicking "search" in the menu above

Enjoy the site!


S/V Mystic
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