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#1 2023-12-28 11:34:32

Sylvain P.

Mast spreader

mini_20231226_120507-1.jpgHi, to everyone! Hope you have nice hollidays!

It is my first time on the Forum. I discovered your association and became a member a couple of weeks ago. I have a good feeling, it will help me a lot!

I'm a quite recent owner of a C&C 27MKIII of 1978. I did put my mast down at fall and made an inspection of it. I've seen the post on the spreader rivets. That's fine, because i'll have to do it, but something else is nagging me. Unfortunatly, the pictures i took don't show quite well the thing that is nagging me.

So when, i looked at the spreaders, i saw that my starboard spreander had all of the rivets down. But i noticed that the retaining bolt going through the mast is visibly twisted. I'll have to change that. I'm finally coming to what's nagging me... it seems like the bolt may have been torked too much because it seems like the mast is a bit incurved in this section.

What are your feelings about that?
The bolt, what grade should it be?
Is there a tork specified for the bolt oh the holdings?

I have other pictures that i could share if ever someone write to me by email. Ok, it seems like i am not able to download the picture even though i resised it under the 1024??

Thank's in advance!

Last edited by Sylvain P. (2023-12-29 11:05:07)


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