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#1 2022-06-20 20:52:23


Mark V transom hung rudder wheel steering

Hi, all... I have a 1986 Mark 5, hull #103, with a Cinkel pedestal that was installed at the Canada factory when my boat was new.  The original dealer (Torreson Marine/Muskegon, MI) told me that info.  That, unfortunately, is all they could tell me.

This thing is vexing me.  I've got so much slop - free play in the wheel, and I can't find the place to adjust this setup.  It's apparently chain over cable, but there is only one "strut" for lack of a better term, which exits my transom from just starboard of the rudder, and both pushes and pulls the transom-hung rudder from side to side.  There is no quadrant like modern systems, just one cable.  I've looked at it.  I've had more experienced people look at it.  Nobody's got a good answer.  I actually work at my local boatyard/marina, and this damned setup escapes my service manager.

Of course, I could always just unbolt the pedestal, move the engine controls back to the starboard side of the cockpit, and go back to tiller.  From a steering standpoint, that's the simple solution (restoring the engine controls aside).  That said, I rather prefer the wheel as does my significant other, so there aren't many options, and I am not exactly excited about the cost involved with installing an entire brand new Edson system for a transom-hung rudder, even if I do get the boatyard employee discount.

Anyone familiar with these obsolete systems that can give me some direction?

Brian Chaltry
M&M Yacht Club
Menominee, MI


#2 2022-06-29 10:19:55


Re: Mark V transom hung rudder wheel steering

@ralph - did you had any luck adjusting the play, my steering cable broke and i am looking to replace the cable but having a hard time removing the existing cable.


#3 2022-10-16 07:57:15


Re: Mark V transom hung rudder wheel steering

I'm surprised that the outboard rudder boats don't use the same entire system as stern drives/outboard runabouts, with the Teleflex rotor behind the dash connected to the standard push-pull cable right from the wheel to the rudder.

We have a tiller and have noticed the slop in the pins (pintles and gudgeons) so even if your cable were perfect you'd still likely have some play at that point.


Chuck Lanning
C&C 27 Mk V, Chivas & Champagne
NSC, Ottawa


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